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January 1st, 2001,
the first day of the third millennium!

I had taken this site down in early 2001, but there is still interest in this subject, so I brought it back up. I may even get around doing some updates one of these days. I haven't checked out the links on the links page to see if there are still valid, so you'll have to bare with me....

There are many celebrations planned for the year 2000. This is fine. Celebrate the end of the 2nd millennium. But if you want to celebrate the start of a new millennium, do so on the correct date: January 1, 2001.

This page is dedicated to spreading the news that the year 2000 is the last year of the current millennium, not the start of the next millennium. I will have
links to other pages with explanations of the calendar system. If you know of any such locations I should add, please let me know.

In all fairness, I will also link to several locations who incorrectly specify that the year 2000 is the start of a new millennium, not the end of one. Please don't take these locations too seriously!

New - added 1/5/1999

This site has been up for a few years now. At first, I was quite angry about the general public's acceptance of 1/1/2000 as the start of the new millennium. I thought that I could help change that conception. At the time, there weren't many sites that talked about the new millennium. Now there are thousands of them!

I never intended to put much time into this site. As time went on, it became obvious that there was no way we were going to change the perception of the public that they were celebrating the wrong date! I thought, well, this wasn't something to get so stressed about! I mean, after all, as I say below, its an artificial date, based on a calendar created by us, based on an event that definitely is a great event, but the men who created the calendar picked the wrong year!

Its all a bunch of BS, and why worry about it is what I figure. We have a President who was impeached, we have war in the Middle East, we have hungry in our own country and abroad. Teenagers are dying from drugs again, crime is up, people are shooting people on the freeways just because they "invaded our space". The morals of society seems to have gone down, and people get peeved when you even mention their morals.

I certainly don't mean to sound pessimistic, as there are a lot of great things happening too, and I believe that we will crawl out of our mess of society we created, and everything will work out OK. I just believe I want to continue expending my energies elsewhere.

If the general public wants to believe that 1/1/2000 is the beginning of the new millennium, then I will accept that, as the calendar is the vehicle of the public's perception of the numbering of days, and if its evolution includes starting the new millennium next year, than so be it. WHO AM I TO TELL MANKIND THAT IT IS WRONG?

I get quite a few emails from those who either agree with me or disagree. I'm sorry I'm not able to answer all of these, as I have quite a lot going on, and my priorities are elsewhere. To this end, I have removed my email address from this page.

So, to those that feel they must continue to fight, good luck to you. Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year, and next year, a most Happy New Millennium!

Be well.


NEW--added 12/08/1997 A.D.

I first put this page up about a year or two ago, when talk of "The New Millennium" was first heating up. It seemed everybody was dead set on proclaiming the date January 1st, 2000 as the start of the next millennium. This upset me at the time, because I knew darned well that the first day of the next millennium is January 1st, 2001; that is why I named my page the "January 1st, 2001 is the first day of the third millennium!" page. I wanted to state my position on the subject right up front, and I still hold firmly to that position, as long as we are speaking of the accepted calendar.

I won't bore you with a lot of names and facts. These can be found at some of the numerous links I've put on this site. Here's the skinny, short and sweet:

A bunch of years ago, someone said "we have to standardize the calendars, so we'll know what day Easter falls on." They decided to pick the year of Jesus' birth as the first year. They didn't say "this will be year zero"; they started with year one. Just like we normally count "one, two, three, four, ...", they decided to start counting the years with the year one. Now at the time, they didn't know the exact year of Christ's birth, but they had a pretty good guess, and were only off by a few years. They counted up the years from then up to their present time (which was about 1300 years ago), and started the calendar from that year.

This isn't him, I just liked the picture.
I liked this picture too.

Many years later, someone said "Hey, Easter is getting later every year!" Well the problem was, that although they decided way back that it actually takes a little longer than 365 days for the Earth to circle the Sun, and they needed to add an extra day every four years, they found out that this was a little too much to add, and it was messing up the calculation of Easter. So they said, well, we can add a day every four years like always, unless the year is the last year of the century (as in 1800, 1900, etc.), except for every 400 years, we'll add a day anyway. But what do we do with the messed up Easter date? Well, lets just throw out about 10 or so days in this year, and everything should come up even (this happened in the year 1582.) This was the beginning of the "Gregorian Calendar" named after Pope Gregory, who decided to throw out the extra days that year (whoops, I promised to dispense with the names and dates! I'll be good, I promise!)

So that's how we've come up with our current calendar system. Later, someone found through historical evidence that Christ wasn't born on year-one, but probably about six years earlier. So if you are figuring 2000 years from Christ's birth as the beginning of some Universal event, calamity, Armageddon, or whatever, well, here it is 1997, and you're a couple of years too late. Sorry, your world has already ended.

OK, so where does all this lead us. A while back, the magazine "Skeptical Inquirer" had an article about the coming new millennium, and that those of us that are harping on the fact that January 1st, 2001 is actually the start of the next millennium are being too pedantic. I personally think the "Skeptical Inquirer" is by definition too pedantic, and I often disagree with their "fact-based" logic, their disbelief in things spiritual and metaphysical. But this particular article I do agree with. We, the harpers of 1/1/2001, are too pedantic. But so are the ones who whine about 1/1/2000. And are those that celebrated 1/1/96, 1/1/95, 1/1/97, or whatever the actual 2001 year after Christ's birth works out to, also pedantic? Yes, of course.

It all boils down to this: the start of the next millennium, whenever it may be, is still an artificial date, made up in the minds of men, set in stone by supposed scholars hundreds of years ago, based on undoubtedly one of the most significant dates in history, but still made up in the minds of men (by the way, I wonder if the year of the death of Christ might be a better date to base the year one on?)

So am I saying that the coming of the next millennium, on 1/1/2000 or 1/1/2001, is not significant? Most definitely not! I think it is of extreme importance, even if it is an artificial date.

We, the people, the millions of consciousnesses that think, pray, meditate, read, about the next millennium, even if its just average everyday Joe Schmuck reading about the big parties coming up; this collective consciousness, all focused on one event, like no other event in history, this is the miracle of the next millennium. The pure energy, however you want to define it, of millions of minds, all concentrating on the time frame 1/1/2000 to 1/1/2001, promises to make this one of the most exciting times in history. I cannot even fathom what the result will be, but it can't be anything but fantastic! (I can just hear the Skeptical Inquirer people now! I have several friends in CSICOP who will probably disown me, for although they know I'm a metaphysical sort of guy, I usually kept my feelings to myself.)

So, this page remains, and I still hope to have the time to update and revise it. Book wise, I still believe the start of the next millennium is 1/1/2001, but I hold no importance in that date.

Marilyn vos Savant, world-record genius, and a pretty neat person besides, writes a weekly column "Ask Marilyn" in Parade Magazine. One reader, asking why she doesn't push the correct year as the start of the next millennium; her answer: "It's time to lighten up, sir! I suppose while the rest of us are reveling the night away with friends and family--as I certainly intend to do myself (back on December 31, 1995, I made reservations at a special place for December 31, 1999)--you'll be sitting on the sofa in your living room with your arms crossed firmly in front of you. And you'll miss the celebration of a lifetime. But there's still time to repent! And if you do, I wish you as fabulous a time as I'll have with my own loved ones."

So my take on all this is, go ahead, celebrate December 31st, 1999 with the rest of the world, secretly smiling to yourself knowing that everybody's wrong and you're right. Then, by the end of 2000, there are bound to be people who have discovered this great mistake, and more New Millennium parties. Just think, two great parties, twice the fun!

This is Marilyn vos Savant.

Let's not make a big deal out of all this wrong date business. We who know we are right can just sit back, happy in the knowledge that we are right, and happy in the knowledge that it really doesn't make any difference in the grand scheme of things!

Please excuse the mess. Like all living documents on the Internet, this page is always under construction. As I find the time, I'm working on validating and cataloging these links. Unfortunately, I don't have the time--as a programmer, most of it is spent on the Y2000 project, fixing other people's screw-ups! ("Ah Irony; sorry, but we don't have that here!")

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